Orange Impeachment – Mueller Edition (Out of Stock)


It’s no #FakeNews to say Orange Impeachment is out best selling sauce and now we’ve kicked it up a notch or twelve with the addition of peach reapers.

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Orange Impeachment – Mueller Edition

Sometimes you just need to turn up the heat, and who better than a highly decorated Marine combat veteran.

This time we take our original Orange Impeachment, a gourmet blend of apple cider vinegar, mandarin orange, peach, and yellow fatalii and add the pure unadultered heat from the ghost pepper.

The fatalii was developed in central Africa around four hundred years ago by natives using pepper strains they obtained by doing commerce with the Spanish colonials in the Americas.

The ghost pepper or bhut jolokia once held the record for the hottest pepper in the world at over 1 million scovilles. We can’t think of a better way to put the heat on than this pepper.

USE WITH CAUTION .. You just might get burned!

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Ghost Pepper, Fatalii


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