Wildfire in Wonderland


Currently, Queen of Hots and Three Inches High are available. Others coming soon.

Wildfire in Wonderland is our line of Louisiana-style hot sauces. Made with champagne vinegar, creole onion, red garlic of Sulmona, and sea salt, each batch is aged in a blend of charred and toasted American white oak. The Alice in Wonderland theme is dedicated to my eldest daughter, Alice Harris. Artwork is from John Tenniel’s original engravings circa 1865-1872. This line consists of five versions listed here from mildest to hottest.

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Three Inches High – Roasted Jalapeno & Serrano
Valiant Alice – Cayenne & Red Jalapeno
Queen of Hots – Red Habanero & Ghost
Beware the Jabberwock – Yellow 7 Pot & Fatalii
All Mad Here – Jigsaw


Queen of Hots Queen of Hots

Three Inches High All Mad Here

Our first batch is Queen of Hots. It is made from paper lantern red habaneros and ghost peppers. In case you are unfamiliar with paper lanterns, they are known for being a bit sweeter with the heat coming in after a bigger delay than traditional habaneros. This pairs nicely with the burn cycle of the ghost which adds extra heat on the back end. This balance is to achieve taste before heat while still satisfying your burn.

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Three Inches High, Valiant Alice, Queen of Hots, Beware the Jabberwock, All Mad Here

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