What is the difference between “Harvest Edition” and your regular lineup?

Harvest Edition denotes a sauce made from local ingredients that are in season. These are ingredients we either grow or purchase locally and aren’t commercially available. Examples of this are red creole onion, creole garlic, and the pepper strains we have access to fresh. Whereas the standard version uses widely available ingredients and the peppers come in the form of mass produced pepper mash mixed with distilled vinegar, the Harvest Edition only uses fresh produce.

How do you pronounce your company name and what does it mean?

It is written in cajun and is pronounced /SōS/ and is a pronunciation from the rap parody video “All Rolls Everything Remix” by PoppinMedia.com. The significance is that the founder and his oldest daughter, Alice, enjoyed the video enough to pronounce “sauce” in the same way as in the video. It is a tribute to that connection that Aaron and Alice had. The “Wildfire in Wonderland” line is also due to that relationship.

Did your company start off as a political joke and if so, why?

While it is true the first sauce we made for sale to the public was a political jab at the 45th President, our beginning was actually in developing a hot sauce made for pizza that consisted of banana peppers, green jalapenos, fennel pollen, and other pepperoni seasonings. Although the idea never took off, a fellow Marine came up with the idea of using oranges and peaches together in a product with a humorous name and the rest is history.

Are your products all natural?

Yes. But as a registered dietician, Emmy would like to point out that there is nothing wrong with most ingredients “are difficult to pronounce.” Still, we don’t use anything artificial because we don’t have to. And you shouldn’t have to worry about what those artificial ingredients are.

Are your products organic?

Some. When we can, we choose organic. Each product will be labeled accordingly.

How can we contact you if something goes wrong with an order?

E-mail is the best way. We’re small so feel free to e-mail us at aaron@seauxs.com or if you really want to go there, my personal cell is 662-715-9635 so text away.